visit ramat hanegev new websiteThis beautiful program is a wonderful combination that engages teens theruputic and leadership program called "The Workshop", Envirnmental and Matinace Dept to the Ramat HaNegev Partnership.

Make a special place in Ramat HaNegev your own for generations to come! Create a family gathering spot, honor a loved one or friend, or celebrate a special event with personalized teakwood bench/table or sitting area placed in around various locations in Ramat HaNegev, in parks, overlooks, neighborhoods and play areas. A tribute bench with lasting recognition of the significant people or occasions in your life, while creating places of beauty and realxiation for the community.

Locations to be choosen through local Ramat HaNegev Staff.

The Benches are sitting areas are built by local teens taking part in our Youth Dept. program called "The Workshop". This program is a therapeutic and leadership program giving children and teens skills they can take were ever ther lives take them. Patience, work ethic, wood working skills, team work, responsibility and so much more. 

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Picnic Table
Length – 195 cm | Width – 150 cm | Height – 70 cm
Seat height – 50 cm | Table depth – 70 cm

Picnic bench

Revivim Bench
Length – 120 cm | Height -  45 cm Seat | Depth – 45 cm
Full height – 110 cm

sitting area

Sitting area (sitting area includes 2 Revivim Benchs + 1 table)
Length – 120 cm | Width – 60 cm | Height – 45 cm

sitting area

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