Ramat Negev sees the national importance to preserve, develop, and populate our home in the Negev. Therefore, through cooperation, transparency, mutual respect, and professionalism we follow a five-year plan that sets significant goals for the demographic future of the region.

We are continually paving and planning for the future with many new initiatives, programs, and development. Together with our many long-lasting partners across the world and in Israel to strive to meet our goals for the benefit of the people of Israel and the Jewish people. 

Ramat HaNegev community is pluralistic and tolerant. The Council strives to provide its residents with a high standard of living, a progressive and innovative educational system, excellent services, community empowerment, and a sense of belonging.

The Council fosters the growth and consolidation of the physical and interpersonal environment. We work towards the establishment and advancement of sustainable, multigenerational, and diverse communities, all of which will contribute to the high standard of community life. Alongside these developments, the Council envisions the region's economic independence through community and local leadership on behalf of our future generations.


  1. Communities and demographic growth: the region's population will grow to 10,000 residents within the next five years, with plans for 15,000 within the next ten years. The Regional Council will continue to spearhead demographic growth in the communities following the varied demographic characteristics that exist within the region.
  2. Education: The Council will strive to provide quality education for all the children of the region, emphasizing the establishment of a regional high school and excellent early childhood education.
  3. Economic independence: The Council will develop financial independence and work towards strengthening the communities' economies through the development of independent means of income.
  4. Visibility, safety, and security: The Council will strive to significantly improve its visibility on the regions' streets and upgrade the level of safety and security of independent means of income.
  5. Strengthening Jewish peoplehood: The Council will continue to promote Aliyah absorption in its communities and support Jewish peoplehood between communities outside of Israel and local residents. These measures will ensure the continuity of the Jewish people and the achievements of the Council's goals through innovative initiatives throughout our communities.
  6. Regional Basins: The Council will promote the characterization of three regional basins and an industrial basin in the region and strengthen them by emphasizing the individuality of all the areas and demonstrating the advantages of the region's development and advancement.
  7. Individual and community: The Council will consolidate appropriate responses to the changing needs of the regional residents by emphasizing the needs of the elderly and establishing a regional health center.
  8. Public Services: The Council will tailor the organizational structure to the changing needs of the population receiving the services through cutting-edge technology and corporate culture of service, transparency, and participation.
  9. National Missions: The Council will advance the establishment of a national landfill and incineration site. The Council will work to implement reciprocal relationships with the Bedouin population of Har HaNegev and Bir Hadaj.
  10. Council-Communities relationships: The Council will build good relationships between the municipality and the communities in residential, municipal, planning, and community services.

See Five Year Plan to take an in-depth look into our future plans for Ramat HaNegev.