Ramat HaNegev considers innovation part of our spirit and makes up since the first community founded in 1943. Our challenges and remoteness have forced us to continue to think outside the box. We are the solar energy capital of Israel, producing already 50% of Israel's green electricity and home to the tallest tower at Ashalim Thermal Solar Farm, named in memory of Shmulik Rifman z"l our former mayor. We are paving the way and world leaders in advanced desert agriculture, water conservation and research, biogas technologies for our farmers and neighbors, waste management, to name a few.

Our local industries and small business are also bringing new and useful technologies to the world over, creating a robust local economy and bringing Israeli tech to our partners across Israel and the world. Furthermore, we are joint partners starting a new AgTech Innovation Center called "Frontier" and will bring new agriculture technologies and startups to create a better planet.

We are determined to create a bright future for our residents, the State of Israel, and the world.