The staff of the Education and Community Division of Ramat HaNegev are responsible for creating quality education conditions for all children of Ramat HaNegev. Establishing vital educational initiatives that create essential values, are accessible and inclusive, thus creating a quality community life fostering mixed communities and partnerships.

We provide children with an excellent, value-based education, adapted to the 21st century, which is key to creating a healthy future. Our early education programs, Elementry Schools and new High School are lead by an excellent and dedicated staff whose goal is to help strengthen our children's foundations, inspire and guide them to be well-rounded citizens.  
Our programs allow maximum accessibility for every student in Ramat HaNegev to education, formal and informal, to develop their skills, curiosity, and abilities.
Today, Ramat HaNegev is home to its first public High School, giving our students great pedagogical methods and techniques. At the High School, we created an innovation "Greenhouse" with various labs such as metal and woodshop, engineering wing, music studio, FIRST Robotics team, and an art workshop. We also created the "Workshop," an informal education traveling woodwork program to help guide teens and children through peer leadership skills and volunteerism.

Ramat HaNegev is also home to the "Nitzana Education Community,", a Jewish Agency for Israel program, and is home to various groundbreaking programs for new immigrants, at-risk youth, Bedouin Youth Village, Outdoor education programs, and so much more.
Furthermore, here in the region, we are hosts to several "Mehcinot" pre-IDF service academic leadership academies, helping guide Israel's youth to become active citizens from all across Israeli society. 

We will continue to think outside of the box to bring excellent education for generations to come!