Today, Ramat HaNegev is home to 8,000 +residents and growing, and our largest resource is our incredibly active and dedicated residents. Many of our residents volunteer in a wide range of community life from volunteer police units, informal education community watch programs, Search and Rescue unit, senior citizen programs, just to name a few. 

Our communities run fantastic cultural events from the theater, open air concerts, workshops, sports events, and much more. We strive to bring Israeli Jewish culture, which is inclusive and open to all walks of Jewish life in the region. 
Our local community center (JCC) runs varied programs for children, teens, adults, and senior citizens alike. From dance classes, yoga, Outdoor education groups, soccer teams, and even a nationally ranked swim team. 

Our Young Adults Center supports ages 22 - 42 through guidance in the professional worlds, higher education, cultural events, and leadership training.
Many of our residents are also engaged in regional and community leadership as lay leaders and take an active role in creating a meaningful and robust future for us all.

Summer camps, lecture programs, book clubs, senior citizen tours, and so much.

The desert is genuinely blooming due to our incredible residents of Ramat HaNegev Regional Council.